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In January 2004, with leadership from Virginia, seven states (TN, WV, KY, DC, MD, NC and VA) formed the Career Readiness Certificate Consortium (CRCC). No state was asked to contribute funds or in any way commit resources to the effort. The idea of a Consortium was conceived to provide a support mechanism for and practical help to all states, particularly for those just embarking on the project.

The CRCC was comprised of states in very different stages of development of a portable skills credential based on WorkKeys®. For example, Kentucky had been issuing its own Kentucky Employability Certificate for a year, Virginia was quickly advancing to deployment of its Career Readiness Certificate, and Maryland and DC were only just beginning to look at WorkKeys® as the language of skill sets. All other states fell somewhere in between.

One benefit that accrued from the CRCC was that speakers from "advanced" states were available to visit key stakeholders in beginning states.

By the end of 2004, another 5 states had asked to join the CRCC, and this interest and enthusiasm has continued into 2005. At the last meeting of the CRCC in May 2005, 30 states were represented. As of October 2005, the total number of states in the CRCC was 38. The continuing interest in the Career Readiness Certificate has resulted in 46 states participating in the CRCC as of November 2009.

Current Status

The size of the CRCC is now so significant that it is generating national interest. Representatives of the USDOL, SHRM, and the ACTE have attended the CRC meetings, and articles on this powerful new credential are being published in professional journals.

There is considerable variation on how each state is deploying its credential. In some states, the CRC is state-sanctioned, authorized by the state WIB and signed by the governor. In others, the state technical or community college system is taking the lead. In several states, the initiative is regional and/or local.

The CRC Consortium provides employers, career seekers, and workforce professionals with information on the Career Readiness Certificate across the nation and the associated 46-state membership.

Please visit the CRC Consortium website for current information: nationalocc.org/crc/crcc.htm

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