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Skills Tested: Silver Level

In addition to the skills required for a Bronze certificate, Silver certification requires competence in the following areas:

Applied Mathematics

  • Solve problems that require one or two operations
  • Multiply negative numbers
  • Calculate averages, simple ratios, simple proportions, or rates using whole numbers and decimals
  • Add commonly known fractions, decimals, or percentages (e.g., 1/2, .75, 25%)
  • Add up to three fractions that share a common denominator
  • Multiply a mixed number by a whole number or decimal
  • Put the information in the right order before performing calculations

Locating Information

  • Find several pieces of information in one or two graphics
  • Understand how graphics are related to each other
  • Summarize information from one or two straightforward graphics
  • Identify trends shown in one or two straightforward graphics
  • Compare information and trends shown in one or two straightforward graphics

Reading for Information

  • Identify important details that may not be clearly stated
  • Use the reading material to figure out the meaning of words that are not defined
  • Apply instructions with several steps to a situation that is the same as the situation in the reading materials
  • Choose what to do when changing conditions call for a different action (follow directions that include "if-then" statements)


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