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Business and Industry WorkKeys and Career Readiness Certification (CRC) Quotes

“Our vitality depends on a workforce that is able to adapt to change and operate in a manufacturing environment that thrives on lean leadership principles. It is more imperative than ever to make sure we’re hiring the best candidates in the marketplace. The Career Readiness Certificate allows us to do just that.”
Bernadette Young, Human Resources for Energizer Battery.

“Individuals with the CRC and required WorkKeys scores walk in our door with more relevant, everyday skills. Because they have the foundational skills, they are easily trained and move quickly through our career progression path, resulting in higher morale, lower turnover, increased productivity and decreased quality issues. The Career Readiness Certificate is the key to creating a highly trainable workforce to compete in the global economy”.
Stacy Smith, Training Generalist, PGT Industries.

“At ASMO North Carolina, Inc., the Career Readiness Certificate with the WorkKeys System has become a valuable partner and tool that enables us to retain, hire and promote Associates to positions that utilize their skills at a maximum level while eliminating some of the unknowns in the hiring or placement process. This not only benefits us as a company but is also a valuable benefit to the Associate as well. WorkKeys Testing in conjunction with the Career Readiness Certificate is a very accurate and reliable way to strengthen both a company and an individual career”.
Judy Raymer, Human Resources Specialist, ASMO, North Carolina, Inc.

“It’s one thing to offer the location, land, and buildings. But the major concern of companies coming into our area is whether there is a strong workforce within a 40-mile radius,” he said. “We consider the career readiness certificate to be a work-ready program. This means that human resources people don’t have to investigate to see if someone is a good candidate for a job. The certificate provides evidence that a candidate is ready to go to work.”
Greg Cummings, Director, Economic Development, Robeson County Economic Development Commission.

“We're in the success business here and our turnover rate is very low considering that we're hiring this many people in this short time. The WorkKeys process helps ensure that our employees will be successful as well as our company".
Janet Robbins, GETRAG's Training Coordinator, Maiden, NC.

"Henderson County JobLink is a tremendous asset to the area. They consistently demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving clients and supporting the business community. Whether providing individualized support to dislocated workers or other clients, serving as a champion of the Career Readiness Certification initiative, playing an active role in economic development efforts to attract new employers, or providing high quality business services to existing companies, their contributions are great, and their impact meaningful. I am proud to be an active supporter of this great facility.”
Phil Webb, Human Resources Director, UPM, Raflatac, Chairman of the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board

“The work Henderson County JobLink has done for SELEE Corporation has been nothing short of outstanding. Through profiling jobs, testing potential candidates, to working with those needing outplacement services, this team of professionals has provided us with excellent service and has helped us tremendously with our manpower needs.”
Mark Morse, President & CEO, Selee Corporation

“Henderson County JobLink has been with Elkamet from its very infancy in Hendersonville. Even before the building was built, JobLink was there to support us with advice, business connections and training preparations. The attention to detail is what sold us on JobLink. They have provided us with a first draft of our Employee Handbook, conducted wage, benefits and health insurance provider surveys. They have choreographed every step of the hiring process for us including screening with the WorkKeys System in our first year here. Because it matches our job profile so well, we now endorse the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate. The extensive pre-hire training has given us an overwhelming choice of qualified candidates. We are pleased to say that we are now staffed with 17 initial key employees all of which were found and trained by JobLink of Henderson County. Many thanks from Elkamet and our new employees in the Hendersonville area.”
Carsten Erkel, Plant Manager, Elkemet, Inc.

“I have found Henderson County JobLink to be particularly effective in working with local industries in finding qualified candidates, and also in promoting new programs such as Work Keys. This JobLink staff has an in depth understanding of economic development and the business community in Henderson County”
Bill Payne, Existing Industry Specialist, North Carolina Department of Commerce


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