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Skills Tested: Platinum Level

In addition to the skills required for Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates, Platinum certification requires competence in the following areas:

Applied Mathematics

  • Use fractions, negative numbers, ratios, percentages, or mixed numbers
  • Rearrange a formula before solving a problem
  • Use two formulas to change from one unit to another within the same system of measurement
  • Use two formulas to change from one unit in one system of measurement to a unit in another system of measurement
  • Find mistakes in questions that belong at Levels 3, 4, and 5
  • Find the best deal and use the result for another calculation
  • Find areas of basic shapes when it may be necessary to rearrange the formula, convert units of measurement in the calculations, or use the result in further calculations
  • Find the volume of rectangular solid
  • Calculate multiple rates

Locating Information

  • Draw conclusions based on one complicated graphic or several related graphics
  • Apply information from one or more complicated graphics to specific situations
  • Use the information to make decisions

Reading for Information

  • Identify implied details
  • Use technical terms and jargon in new situations
  • Figure out the less common meaning of a word based on the context
  • Apply complicated instructions to new situations
  • Figure out the principles behind policies, rules, and procedures
  • Apply general principles from the materials to similar and new situations
  • Explain the rationale behind a procedure, policy, or communication

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