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Skills Tested: Gold Level

In addition to the skills required for both Bronze and Silver certificates, Gold certification requires competence in the following areas:

Applied Mathematics

  • Decide what information, calculations, or unit conversions to use to solve the problem
  • Look up a formula and perform single-step conversions within or between systems of measurement
  • Calculate using mixed units (e.g., 3.5 hours and 4 hours 30 minutes)
  • Divide negative numbers
  • Find the best deal using one- and two-step calculations and then comparing results
  • Calculate perimeters and areas of basic shapes (rectangles and circles)
  • Calculate percent discounts or markups

Locating Information

  • Sort through distracting information
  • Summarize information from one or more detailed graphics
  • Identify trends shown in one or more detailed or complicated graphics
  • Compare information and trends from one or more complicated graphics

Reading for Information

  • Determine the correct meaning of a word based on how the word is used
  • Identify the correct meaning of an acronym that is defined in the document
  • Identify the paraphrased definition of a technical term or jargon that is defined in the document
  • Apply technical terms and jargon and relate them to stated situations
  • Apply straightforward instructions to a new situation that is similar to the one described in the material
  • Apply complex instructions that include conditionals to situations described in the materials

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